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World Gasket

Year 1977

Ellegi srl derives from two young entrepreneurs’ idea to specialize in rubber manufacturing for the production of industrial technical items and gaskets.
The aim, firmly and persistently pursued, immediately concentrated on the quality improvement and on the increase of the product range as much as possible,  using any kind of elastomer and thermoplastic material.
Ellegi’s products spread all over Italy very soon, so the company immediately started to face new important foreign markets, such as the Middle East, the USA, Africa and all the rest of the world.

Year 1987
The company specific World Gasket logo was created to identify a new range of alternative products to OEM articles for earthmoving equipment.

Year 1997
Innovation and continuous technological research during its industrial process allowed Ellegi to obtain quality certification by Dekra agency and, as a consequence, to apply the ISO Quality System 9001 to its whole production cycle.

Year 2011
Today Ellegi boasts a total surface of 20.000 square metres, 8.000 of which are  covered by two main buildings, and this is one of the reason why the company is able to meet all its customers’ needs, being themselves leaders of different industrial activities and who, besides real product quality, look also for service quality (quick and prompt delivering all over the world).
Thanks to its World Gasket top range Ellegi renews its image in order to strengthen the conception of efficiency and professionalism acquired in these years of experience and to face the new markets and future challenges in a new fit of energy.

And the history continues…