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World Gasket


The main goals that Ellegi has always intended to achieve and preserve are connected to our idea of “continuous improvement”, by setting up a  “virtuous circle” (the so-called Deming’s wheel or PDCA) oriented to an everyday style of working for the growth of our business activity.
Our guidelines for the achievement of these goals are:

  • Customer Satisfaction-oriented trend, that is development of relations distinguishing themselves by a careful cooperation, beginning with the technical and trade demands, and directed to a suitable product-based Quality System.
  • “Non-Quality” costs reduction , resulting from an incorrect fulfilment of the Quality System; reduction of waste items and improvement of efficiency in all activities at every level of the business organization by optimizing time and working methods.
  • Close cooperation with suppliers, so to improve progressively and firmly the range of products and of purchased services, increasing their Quality standard and the competitivenes of overall costs.
  • Improvement of our sensitiveness, our cooperation attitude and our staff’s attention, at all stages, towards our Quality standards and objectives. Great attention is paid also to the management of Human Resources, qualifying our employees through specific business training courses.
  • Inside spreading of a culture of computerization regarding the production processes and every single working position, so to have all the necessary traceability requirements during all production processes and inspections.
  • Research and constant investment of new toolings and hi-tech devices aimed at the improvement of products and business processes.
Quality standards, production requirements, planning skills, marketing activities and employees’ ambitions must converge in a sole big business development project allowing everybody to feel responsible and involved in Ellegi’s fixed objectives and in its uninterrupted rise.