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World Gasket


All stages of Ellegi production process are constantly monitored by motivated and highly-qualified staff.
The first stage is the choice of raw materials and it is based on a general knowledge of materials and an accurate and precise knowledge of elastomers.
The next stages of mould-designing and mould-creation are carried out thanks to Ellegi milling machines, lathes, grinding machines and latest releases of CAD-CAM 2D/3D software.
For pressing and moulding stages, injection-, compression- and LIM technologies (Liquid Injection Moulding) are used.

Here below are the other stages that complete the production process:

  • Manual, mechanical and cryogenic deflashing
  • Deburring
  • Post-cured treatment (introducing static and rotary loaders in a heat-treatment oven)
  • Finishing (washing, cleaning, stamping and  technical painting treatments)

The final inspection and selection are guaranteed on all produced items thanks to both automatic (laser machines) and manual controls.
The quality of the entire production process is guaranteed by the constant control undertaken by the staff working in ELLEGI laboratory, that continuously monitor the compounds production, test and control all parts physically and mechanically and make many selective duration-proof tests, thanks to our precision and inspection toolings.
The last production stages are products packing and shipping to the final destination, and they are carried out with extreme care because we know that a well-done job only ends up in our customers’ homes.